Church History


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History of New Israelite Church of Deliverance, Inc.

The New Israelite Church of Deliverance, Inc., formerly known as the Israelite Pentecostal Holiness Church was organized over 50 years ago with a few members that consisted of families. Our faith and beliefs are rooted in the Pentecostal doctrine. The Pentecostal Church is a denomination that grew out of the “holiness movement” decades ago. It is believed that Pentecostal is more of an experience than a denomination based on the experience that the disciples experienced on the day of Pentecost in Acts – Chapter Two.

Our humble beginnings were rooted under the Leadership of Rev. George Singleton and Mother Almeter Diggs. They organized the Israelite Pentecostal Holiness Church and elected Sister Elizabeth Hinton as a church secretary. The congregation consisted of the member’s families. The church’s first location was 1406 Laurens Street, Baltimore, Maryland, and after that, the church purchased the property at 1611 West Saratoga Street, in July 1972. Through the affiliation of Overseer Jacob Charles from the Marley Park Church, the Church joined the United Pentecostal Holy Church of America, Inc.

The United Pentecostal Holy Church of America started on December 26, 1944, under the leadership of Bishop K.M. Greene of Fayetteville, North Carolina. Under this organization, we received church teachings, doctrines, and organizational structure, and ordinations.

After the passing of Bishop Green, the church resigned its membership within the organization and became an independent organization. Rev. Singleton was called to the office of Bishop and Rev. Almeter Diggs was called to the office of Pastor. The Lord ordained another shift in the administration of the church, and Pastor Diggs branched off from the organization.

During 1977, Pastor Diggs, and the members organized a new independent organization now called the “The New Israelite Church of Deliverance, Inc.” As the founder, Overseer and Pastor of the organization, God gave Overseer Diggs another vision to seek a larger edifice to carry out the greater vision. While waiting for the manifestation of the move, God ordained another shift in ministry. The Elder Dr. Jerry Diggs was consecrated as Bishop in October 2003 by Bishop Leroy McRae of Mt. Airy Pentecostal Church. In 2009, the mandate to the office of Ecclesiastical Head of the New Israelite Church of Deliverance, Inc. was passed down to Bishop Jerry Diggs, prior to the Late Overseer Almeter Diggs’ transition to be with the Lord. October 22, 2011 that Vision came into fruition and Bishop Diggs became the Second Pastor of New Israelite Church of Deliverance, Inc.

We took residence in our new edifice on February 27, 2004, with a glorious celebration. Thanks be to God for the manifestation of his word and finding favor in His people. Also, we are proud to have an additional church under our wing – God’s Sacred Place of Worship, Pastored by Dr. Joyce Q.E. Diggs. As the wings of blessings continue to shift, God is moving the ministry by leaps and bounds.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to win souls to the Kingdom, to administer healing to the broken; to effectively equip the ambassadors of God’s Word, to empower the believers, and to bring the organization to its pinnacle spiritual growth, according to the will of God.

Vision Statement

We desire to be a family, rooted and grounded in the Word of God and prayer, whose love for Christ, and for one another overflows into joyful sharing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all; especially with those friends, neighbors, and to everyone whom God has given us as a unique opportunity to reach.

New Israelite Church of Deliverance, Inc., shares many characteristics of other Christian churches. However, we are a community of people who are committed to following Jesus Christ, and we believe that God's written word, the Bible, is true, and tells us how to know God, and how to live for Him. Our mission arises both from these convictions, and from our understanding of the time and place in which we live.

Therefore, we are now doing business as "New Israelite Family Worship Center", to emphasize our priority and presence in the community.